The Copyright Fine Print


I have spent HOURS (probably more like days and weeks, all told — months?) scanning images, capturing video, creating photo albums, designing and redesigning the site, etc. And I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on ORIGINAL pictures and DVDs. I am still doing so in order to bring you as much of David Soul as I can possibly get my hands on. In that regard, DSF contains HUNDREDS of images, THOUSANDS of video captures, DOZENS of video clips, uncountable links and other resources — and a whole lot more on the way.

Although I have spent my own money purchasing photographs and other memorabilia, DSF is not proprietary: none of we fans own the copyrights to pictures and video, so it’s not DSF’s place to tell you whether you can or can’t use them. DSF was not created to claim ownership of David Soul nor anything related to him. It was created to celebrate his life and his work — from a fan’s perspective. On that note, everything on this site is yours to enjoy. Enjoy it — with the full understanding that DSF is NOT granting you the right to use it anymore than DSF has been granted the right to use it. This is purely a fan site — and DSF doesn’t claim nor does it grant rights whatsoever to anyone. Having said that, however, please don’t download video captures and scans offered here and then turn around and sell them in order to profit off the work and money I have made and spent (and because someone HAS done that, DSF is now, unfortunately, watermarking its pictures). Thank you.

In closing, I thank those of you who have DONATED images and video to DSF. As far as I am concerned, fans of David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Antonio Fargas, and Bernie Hamilton, are one big family. All I ask is that you appreciate the spirit in which it is given.