How to Wish David Soul a Happy Birthday!

With David’s 80th birthday right around the corner, David has asked us to let everyone know that instead of sending him cards and gifts, he would rather you make a donation to a charity in his name. From $1 to the sky’s the limit, any donation to a cause in David’s name is sincerely appreciated.

For a list of worthy charities, review our list here:

The Me & Thee Productions Directory


David’s favorite charities are listed below:
(but DO feel free to choose your own)

International Rescue Committee

Ukraine Children’s Action Project

Coates Bluff Nature Trail: Dream It Well
(David’s son, Jon Soul)

The Animals Voice

Me & Thee Productions
(for upcoming film projects)

Further, if you would like to share with David the charity you chose to donate to in his name, send us an email at Team Soul and we’ll make certain he reads your comments (write your email TO him, but send it to us).



If you’re brave enough, you can also make a short video greeting (use your phone) and send that to us and we’ll make sure David watches it (tell us your name, where in the world you’re from, the charity you chose to donate to and why, and don’t forget to wish David a Happy Birthday!). Deadline is August 7, 2023.


Lastly, you may leave him a birthday wish below. We will make certain that David reads all of his birthday wishes on or right after his birthday.

Thank you so much for your continued support and admiration for the iconic actor known to us all as David Soul.

—Team Soul

Comments (72)

  1. Linda van Maanen :

    It’s official! Happy Birthday David and have a great day together with Helen, family and friends!!

  2. Jacqui Allison :

    David , who would have thought when that Pilot hit our British screens that we’d still be interested and involved in what you are doing , thinking, saying and just being. I can’t thank you enough for what you have brought to my life and how you have touched my life. From my early 20s to my late 60s about to have a hip replacement you have somehow been there. Thank you David you will never know how important you have been to me but I sure hope there’s much more to come. Take care and I hope you has a wonderful birthday. Much love . Jacqui 🥰

  3. Christine Tetzlaff :

    Dear David, i hope you will have a wonderdfull Birthday, filled with love, laughs and good food . Thank you for all your work that still brings so many people so much joy.

  4. Sharon Hawkes :

    Happy 80th Birthday David

    Love Sharon xx

  5. Shanna Stroup :

    Dear David. You are a very special human being, and, if I could, I would donate to Jon’s charity, and to my favorite one, St. Judes, in your name. Unfortunately, I am a charity case myself right now. But, I still wanted to send birthday wishes. I was late to the party (2017), but I like to think I made up for lost time, and have tried my best to catch up on what I missed all these years. I love your work! My father was a fan of yours. And, apparently, it runs in the family!! Best wishes for your 80th birthday and many more to come!! 💜
    Love, Shanna

  6. Giovanna :

    Dear David
    Happy 80th Birthday! I wish you all the best for a long and healthy life. Thank you for what you give me .
    Love from Italy Giovanna

  7. Margaret E. Franklin :


    By Margaret E. Franklin
    (As seen through my eyes and heart, as well as other fans)

    Dedicated to your beliefs, your crafts, your charities
    Authentic in your compassion, your empathy, your kindness
    Visionary- you see a world full of love, unity and peace
    Innovative and creative in your thinking; your actions back that up
    Deliciously handsome, even as you age (I had to go there)

    Resilient- you’ve had injuries, health issues, life issues, yet-
    You’ve bounced back after each setback

    Sincere, sensitive, spiritual- you’re in tune with the feelings of all
    Our hero- we love you for your talents and your humanity
    Uniquely yourself- you know who you are; you’re humble and real
    Leader- you show us by example, how to be open and humane

    No matter how we spell it, David R. Soul, you, are someone we can exemplify and emulate. Through the good days and the bad days, through the ups and the downs, you have found your true self. You have shown us how to be more honest and caring. The happiest of birthday blessings today and always.



  8. TK Temple :

    Mr. David Soul,

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays on this milestone day! I am gratified to see you had a proper celebration!

    Today everyone all over the world who loves you is celebrating YOUR 80th trip around the sun, and the sunshine that is in your heart. Please bask in that love and feel it celebrate all you have given to more lives than you will ever know. On days when you are hurting or frustrated, stop for a moment and reflect that wherever you might think you should have been at any point in your life, you have most probably always been doing what this plane of the Universe needed of you most.

    You sir are a remarkable and brilliant light in the darkness. Thank you for all that you have and are still giving of yourself. May you always receive that gift back exponentially!

    All best wishes on your 80th birthday!

  9. Karen :

    Happy Birthday Mr. Soul! I have been a fan for a long time, starting when you played Joshua Bolt on Here Come the Brides. I made a birthday wish when I was 10 that you would get another series and along came Starsky and Hutch. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

  10. Mary Olson :

    Happy 80th birthday to you David. I am your devoted fan, but i also feel almost a kinship, living in Minnesota and also being 72% Norwegian. Maybe that leads to shared values and senses of humor- i know you have the kind of both that I love. I really do admire you, your openness, and all you have done for the world. Thanks for it and best to you!

  11. Chieko F. :

    Belated Happy Birthday! David. I wish you a blessed and happy year to come. I’ve been a big fan of yours since I watched Japanese dubbed version of “Starsky and Hutch” in Japan in 70s. I love your singing voice, too. Now I enjoy “Starsky and Hutch” on DVDs in English and your album on CDs. Thank you for keeping me feel young and active every day.
    Love from Japan.

  12. anna :

    Hi David Soul Happy 80 th Birthday 🎂I and siblings and cousins watched you since 9 yrs old, now 56, as kids we would reenact starsky and hutch running downstairs etc
    Also saying ‘Im a cop! Sent you a birthday card in the 70’s, ( yes it was me!) lol.
    Loved you and your voice and the songs and still listen though had a break from you for 40 yrs!
    Wanted to sing with my daughter some old songs so googled and was stunned how much coverage there is of you!
    I sang a duet with you this month but not in same room.
    Dreamed to meet you or go to your concerts . Stay with us long please!

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