David Soul—beloved husband, father, grandfather, and brother—died yesterday after a valiant battle for life in the loving company of family. He shared many extraordinary gifts in the world as actor, singer, storyteller, creative artist, and dear friend. His smile, laughter, and passion for life will be remembered by the many whose lives he has touched.


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Condolences will be shared with David’s family when the time is right.

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  1. Jackie Sahl :

    Here is a message from the Netherlands. It took me almost six weeks to be able to write this. I’ve loved David (which girl didn’t?) since I was a teenager at 13 years young when I saw Starsky & Hutch in 1976. A year ago I wrote an e-mail to Team Soul about the competition we had at school. We would all save money for a very long time, and a teacher would look after the saved money. Whomever would win was able to buy a ticket to America to go and see David. And guess what? I won. I cannot explain in words how happy I was, over the moon of course. Anyway, my mum would not let me go. At 16 years young, I could not understand how she could be so cruel and I did not speak to her for month’s. In 2018 I got cancer and had a 20% chance to survive. My friends kept telling me (of course as a kind of joke) that I could not give up fighting as I had to go and meet David. I had a photo of him nearby and I fought like hell. I am still here. I wrote this story last year to the lovely women of Team Soul and did not expect a reaction. But they did. When I saw the e-mail, I felt like a teenager again instead of almost 60 years old. They told me that David had read my e-mail and he was moved. He promised to send me a photo autographed to Jackie. Like a child, I waited for the postman everyday. And then it came. I guess you know what went through me. I bought the most beautiful frame I could find and I (and my husband of 37 years) look at David every day. I was hoping to finally meet him one day but that is not possible anymore. I hope to be able to visit his resting place one day. For now, I end this message by saying that my heart goes out to his family, Team Soul, and everyone who loves-not loved but loves-David. Forever in my heart and I’ll see you one day in heaven. I am sorry about my English mistakes. Love from Jackie.

  2. Mandy :

    I still can’t believe David has left us.
    He was a special part of my teenage years, like most young girls in the 70’s, glued to the television, watching Starsky & Hutch, and our bedroom walls covered in David & Paul’s pictures (Along with the striped tomato of course).
    I had the honour of meeting Paul. But sadly missed David by minutes. However, he kindly sent me his autograph, which meant so much.
    A wonderful singer & actor (loved him in Magnum Force), and his music will live on with us.
    No more pain now David. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    Rest in Eternal Peace Sir. God Bless.
    Sending Prayers & strength to David’s family
    Mandy Xx

  3. mark richard shandley :

    When I was seven years old in the 1970’s I fell out of my bunk bed (top bunk) and my mum and dad took me downstairs to check I was okay and I was allowed to watch an episode of Starsky and Hutch and fell in love with both characters. From that moment forth, I always remember fondly looking forward to anything and everything David was in from Magnum Force to Salem’s Lot to the latest Poirot with David Suchet.

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories David…your kindness, intelligence and compassion will be missed.

  4. Jason Hanks :

    David Soul was the best friend I always wanted plain and simple. Salem’s Lot for me was horrifying but David’s character Ben seemed to take away a lot of that fear. I trusted him. I knew he would get me through the night and he did. He kept me safe. I am sorry that he is gone. No words can express the loss of one so responsible for my youth. I will miss you, David. God bless.

  5. Martine :

    C’est avec beaucoup de tristesse que j’ai appris le départ de David SOUL vers les étoiles.
    GRANDS MERCIS à lui et son indéfictible ami, Paul Mickaël, pour leurs performances dans Starky & Hutch. Ils étaient super, humains, plein d’humor et bien d’autres choses encore et je n’aurai raté aucun épisode. Ils ont baigné et égayé mon adolescence.
    Merci aussi, David SOUL, pour vos si belles chansons.
    Ce fut un choc en ce jour de janvier 2024 d’apprendre votre départ. Tant d’images me sont revenues d’un seul coup.
    Vous n’êtes plus présent parmi nous mais vous êtes partout avec nous.
    A votre épouse, vos enfants, petits enfants et tous ceux pour qui vous étiez si important, je leur présente mes condoléances les plus sincères. Je sais la douleur qui est la vôtre mais je crois, très fort, que de là où est désormais David, il veille sur chacun d’entre vous et vous insulfe la force de continuer le Chemin pour mieux vous retrouver Ailleurs…
    A bientôt Monsieur l’Artiste


    Devastated at the loss of Beautiful David ..hope he is now at peace,free from pain …So much love and kind thoughts to Helen and their family who helped David so much through the health struggles in later life..This man is so loved and appreciated for what he brought to his many fans lives..we came along with him on this journey of life and so glad David was part of it…the ups and downs..also think of Paul, Antonio and all the people who loved him Good night sweet Prince.. sleep tight you are remembered and ann marie x

  7. John Orr :

    All the great memories from Starsky and Hutch to Don’t give up on us baby. I will always remember his kind smile and beautiful voice.

  8. Marcella F. :

    David —

    I can’t say ‘good bye’. It’s too difficult when someone brought so much joy to a life.

    My first glance of you was when you starred in ‘Starsky & Hutch’. I was a 5-6 year-old kid, and I was principally struck by the way you moved and the melodious sound of your speaking voice. You moved with such a beautiful combination of grace and strength, a rugged yet sensitive masculinity. Your speaking voice had a comforting, soothing quality that few voices have.

    That voice would then have me discover your music. And I knew then that I’d be an admirer of all your work for life.

    Your singing voice is so rare – nay, unique – that I absorbed every note with avidity. I miss that voice. I miss the music. I miss watching you sing with the immense love you had for the art form; it was as if you were transported to another place when you played. I miss seeing you so blissfully happy in that moment. I play your discography often because of the sheer beauty and sincerity of the work.

    A true Music Man.

    Way back when I first saw it, I can remember the impact one movie in particular had on me: there was something special about your character in ‘Dogpound Shuffle’. Good old Pritt. One of my favourite movies of all time.

    This character felt so authentic and profoundly honest. I always felt as if there was a lot of David Soul in Pritt. And only you could breathe that honesty into the character because it takes an actor of outstanding talent to do so. Of course, it takes an outstanding talent to be able to bring two characters as different as Pritt and Alex Wolff to life. But that’s you, David: an incredibly talented artist, a sensitive soul, and a remarkable human being.

    So… it’s not just that I can’t say ‘good bye’, it’s that I won’t say it! You’ve brought too much artistry, joy, and reflection into my life to do that.

    I will do, then, what I’ve always done since 1975 — go to your work. That’s where you’ll live on. I can see you every day reflected in your legacy. And that legacy is a giant upon whose shoulders many stand.

    I hope you knew how loved you are, David.

    This kid certainly did love you. I enjoyed the characters you played, but it’s *you* – David Soul – through thick & thin, that I loved, for the inspiration, the honesty, the joy, the legacy, the spirit, the voyage. So now…

    “Farewell, dear voyageur—the river winds and turns;
    The cadence of your song wafts near to me,
    And now you know the thing that all men learn:
    There is no death—there’s immortality.” (Credit: Anonymous Author)

    I won’t say ‘good bye’…Legends live forever.

    Thank you for everything, David.

    See ya’ on the other side, Music Man.

    Since ever & forever.

  9. Cathrine C :

    I was very sorry to hear about the passing of David. He was a great actor, musician and humanitarian. Like many teenagers growing up in the 1970s I was hooked on watching Starsky and Hutch every week, and the trust, loyalty and friendship being portrayed. And then the friendship endured. Sincere condolences to his wife, family, friends and best friend.

  10. Anne :

    Sincere condolences to David’s wife, children, siblings. I was a big S&H 14-year old fan back in 1976, got all of the records, watched him being interviewed on the Late Late Show in 1980, travelled from Ireland to the UK for my first concert in 1981. So sorry he has passed on now but really glad we have videos showing what a wonderful man, actor, singer he was!

  11. Kay Kennedy :

    From being 8 years old in 1975 you stole my heart. Every Saturday evening at 9pm on BBC1 we were allowed to stay up to watch Starsky & Hutch. I had to buy every magazine with your face on and my bedroom was covered in Paul & you. I watched your career as I got older and watched anything you starred in. When you moved to London I so wish I’d have met you. Sadly living in Yorkshire I never got that chance. You were and always will be my heart throb pin up. Sleep tight David, you’ve sure earned the rest xx

  12. Gail :

    Cannot say goodbye because you’ll live on in my heart forever. ♥ Beautiful David Soul xxxxxx

    Gail in Northern Ireland.

  13. Tanya Cook :

    David I still cannot believe you are no longer with us. From age 11 you were my idol and still are. I loved seeing you in Starsky & Hutch and all the other films you were in. Whenever I was having a bad day I’d listen to your music. My fondest memory of you is having the wonderful opportunity of meeting you 3 times and getting your autograph. Even now I’ve still got the scrapbooks, posters, photos etc in my loft which I cherish close to my heart. I can’t bring myself just yet to listen to your music again as still feeling your loss but I will do. Sleep tight and thankyou for being the person you were and making me so happy. Tanyaxxx

  14. Kathy Craven :

    Sending my condolences to all of David’s loved ones, friends and fans. I really wasn’t sure just how I was going to put my thoughts and feelings into words here on David’s passing or if I was even going to be able to until just yesterday morning when I had help from a little, feathered friend. I was awakened in the early morning by the sound of a bird, singing and tweeting away outside my bedroom window. I looked out to see a beautiful bluebird on my rooftop and was immediately reminded of David. The sweet melody the little guy sung, the color blue of his feathers that matched the color of David’s eyes so perfectly, the way he put on such a fantastic show that demanded an audience.
    After he flew away and landed nearby in a tree I just smiled, for that’s when I realized that David will never really be gone, there will be reminders of him everywhere. The way the wind blows through the trees will remind me how David would always brush his hands through his hair to fix it when the wind blew it in disarray. I’ll be reminded of David when I look up at the night sky and see that one particular star shining much brighter than all the rest or maybe it will be the crescent moon lighting up the dark because after all, didn’t he always say “it’s written in the moonlight and painted on the stars?” Thanks for the memories, I’ll miss you forever and think of you always, dear David

  15. Karen Hammond :

    Starsky and Hutch was my favorite show,
    And David Soul was not only a great person, but a great actor and singer.
    I loved him the first time I saw him.
    He was such a great humanitarian
    I know I will miss him. God bless his family .There is 1 more Angel in heaven tonight

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