AMERICA by David Soul

AMERICA: A Not-for-Profit Film by David Soul (Fundraiser)

A message from David Soul
This has been, without a doubt, a year of upheaval for everyone. Values, health, beliefs, finances, security, freedoms … EVERYTHING we’ve known has been challenged and tested … turned on its head. Now, one imperative stands out. If we are going to survive as a Democracy, if we are going to stick together as a nation, the next few years will be the most critical ones we’ve ever faced. I’m not talking about political preferences. I’m talking about our future, the very HEART and SOUL of America … what we say we—as a ‘people’—believe.

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David is interviewed on the Alan Thicke Show from 1982. Visit the Video Gallery: Interview Appearances for a larger viewing experience.

David’s performance on Happy Birthday, Bob, a 75th birthday salute to Bob Hope at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. From 1978. Visit the Video Gallery: Musical Appearances for a larger viewing experience.

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